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Iron Ocean/OGIC – Collaborative working for life-saving technology

Problem Statement    Globally there are 370,000 deaths annually due to unplanned immersions into open water, as reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Aims To develop a highly engineered offshore travel system designed to save lives at sea. Self-heating when immersed in cold water to prevent cold shock and hypothermia, the garment is also […]

CONSUB – Safety Critical Valve Inspection

Problem Statement    CONSUB’s client had identified issues in the effectiveness of valve inspections to identify valve anomalies and capture the data for subsequent integrity assessment. Aims CONSUB  were requested to undertake an inspection program on a large quantity of safety critical valves on offshore and onshore North Sea facilities. Method CONSUB  developed a digital […]

CONSUB – ESDV Condition Monitoring

Problem Statement    Client had identified performance issues with safety critical pipeline valves. Aims CONSUB undertook review of the safety critical valve operating data to identify root cause for performance issues and to identify solution to maximise safety critical valve availability Method A condition monitoring software platform was developed to analyse available SCADA data allowing […]

Safehouse – Safehouse Habitat applied to LPG Tanker

Problem Statement    An LPG tanker was in need of urgent repairs to its hull in order to remain within the parameters of its license to operate. Due to the nature of the ship and its cargo, carrying out hot work to repair such damage would normally require the ship’s tanks to be purged of […]

Repsol Sinopec – Remote Tank Inspection

Problem Statement    Traditionally, when carrying out Class-required crude oil tank inspections on the FPSO, a minimum four-man team of Rope Access Technicians had to enter the confined space and work at height for lengthy periods of time. This methodology incurred significant risks including mechanical isolation; the set-up of rope rescue evacuation systems; and significant […]

Repsol Sinopec – Chemical Injection Management

Problem Statement    The Claymore team, led by the OIM challenged several areas associated with chemical injection management including discrepancy in volumes, injection rates, and use of 500 gallon capacity tanks. Aims The team observed a 10% discrepancy in volumes of the chemical ‘H2S scavenger’ shipped (500 gallons ordered, only 450 gallons recovered). They questioned whether […]

INEOS Oil & Gas – Marine PSV Sharing Solution

Problem Statement   The PSV spot market was not an economic solution for INEOS’ Normally Unmanned Installation (NUI) support  – The challenge was trying to share other Operators’ PSVs with production assets when the time on a NUI platform is limited. Aims The aim was to work closely with other local operators who had PSVs on […]

RINA – Reducing Maintenance Spend through Risk Based Inspection

Problem Statement  Customer challenged to reduce plant OPEX without compromising safety and production efficiency. Currently spends $100k+ on critical system maintenance. Aims Implement Risk based inspection to reduce maintenance spend and ultimately reduce operating costs. Method Completed system assessment (materials, geometry, temp, flow, pressure etc). Identified corrosion loops. Determined Probability and Consequence of Failure Agreed […]