Equinor – My Vantage

Problem Statement  

Identified need for Vantage POB to be developed to allow workforce access to key information, receive information and updates and provide a platform for on line check in


To develop existing Vantage POB to be accessible to the workforce for personal information, on line check in, communications


Small team – Nexen, Shell, Total, COP, Equinor worked with Collabro (in collaboration with wider Vantage User Group) to develop and test system.

Testing took place with Operators, and Tier one contractors with feedback and changes implemented by Collabro/CGI

Step Change in Safety supported and allowed a platform for communication through Website.

Registration supported through individual companies as well as Collabro.

Full roll out expected Q4 2018.


Initial impact has allowed for personnel to check data such as personal details, training certification, and receive important information from mobile devices.

Full impact only when On line check in ‘live’ but potential is for all personnel using Vantage, globally, will be able to check in online, saving time at the heliport, but more importantly, being taken through security questions, and NOK information step by step, with the need to acknowledge that this is correct/understood.

Similar process can be applied offshore, and overall, this is a benefit to the travelling workforce, as well as potential reduced complexity for Logistics departments.

Total Savings Anticipated

Saving potential in time at heliport

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