BP- Integrated SIMOPS tool improves understanding of risks


The use of a visual reference for each activity taking place improved the team’s understanding of potential risks and hazards. It also provided a clear identification of the limits of each work scope within the work area, as well as detailed information by clicking on the activity (colour coded by function).

Description of Best Practice

BP and partners are currently investing at significant levels in the ETAP life extension project (ELXP) to secure the future of the field until 2030 and beyond. The safe and effective management of simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) between the ELXP project and the ETAP asset was a critical part of project delivery. To assist with this, the team introduced a new software system called ‘Blue-Beam™’ which allowed the project to introduce multi-layer PDFs showing work activities by function. They also utilised ‘Return to Scene’ (R2S) technology – a virtual ‘Google-style street view’ survey of the plant – which allowed functions to survey and tag sections of the asset that were planned to be addressed during the intervention, whilst also enabling participants at SIMOPS sessions to visualise the worksite in 3D.

Contact: Stephanie McHardy, BP