Advanced Industrial Solutions makes steps towards reducing the cost of training offshore workers

Submitted by Advanced Industrial Solutions (AIS)


Enabled training in one accessible, affordable location with onsite accommodation from just £29 per night

Description of Best Practice

North East company Advanced Industrial Solutions (AIS) recognised the need to reduce the cost of training for offshore workers in the North Sea early on –and has created a whole new approach to training, offering real cost savings which could have a significant impact on training budgets for the sector.

Over the past three years AIShas invested millions of pounds to create a state-of-the-art 150,000 square-foot offshore training village on North Tyneside. The world-class training on offer includes emergency response, sea survival and wind energy, as well as CompExelectrical, rigging & lifting and more than 120 other courses. The company has also developed an onsite hotel to provide affordable, high quality accommodation for delegates.

As a result, the centre allows people to get all the skills they need in one accessible, affordable location with onsite accommodation from just £29 per night. The company hopes this will eliminate the need for employers to manage bookings and bills for multiple courses, in addition to often costly hotels and travel.

Dave Bowyer, Director of Training for AIScommented: “Inevitably cost is becoming a key consideration for oil and gas companies. Employers looking to do things more efficiently and intelligently find having multi-skilled employees who can effectively complete numerous tasks can help.

We hope our training village will help saves employers significant time and money –so they can squeeze the maximum out of theirtraining budgets. This flagship village in North Tyneside is in addition to new locations in Aberdeen, Grimsby (Humberside) and Cleckheaton(West Yorkshire).”