The Problem Solving Network

The problem network is designed to be an open forum to share, discuss and find a solution  to a problem. It provides an arena where the oil and gas industry can collaborate, engage with peers and promote best practice. This platform promotes the sharing of ideas and information on innovations as well as encouraging fresh and alternative approaches to help drive efficiency.

Please use the forms on the website to do the following:

  • showcase the benefits  you and your company have gained by applying efficient practices
  • to ask how others have approached problems you have faced
  • to request help or advice for your problem

Our aim with this network is to offer a high-level of support and a framework enabling you to benefit from the experience  of your peers but also to share the lessons you have learnt to help the industry.

This forum is monitored to ensure it complies with competition law and any mis-use  of the system will be removed.

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