Cultural Change

Implementing the work of the Efficiency Task Force (ETF) through industry-wide cultural change.

Co-operative behaviour is the best practice for a global oil and gas community striving for efficiency.

Working with industry, the Co-operation, Culture and Behaviours Work Group is raising awareness of the need for a change, and aims to embed new ways of working.

It aims to drive cross-industry improvements in culture and behaviours by promoting the Industry Behaviours Charter and increasing engagement with the Efficiency Task Force. Key facilitators for this are Efficiency Task Force Roadshows, the Efficiency Hub, Efficiency Champions who support the delivery of ETF Improvement Projects and the newly launched Continuous Improvement Network (CIN).

Supporting industry-wide cultural change

Industry collaborative behaviour is assessed by the Collaboration Review and Index, both of which are part of the UKCS Upstream Supply Chain survey run by Oil & Gas UK and Deloitte on a yearly basis. The full report (based on the survey conducted in August and September 2018) is now available here.

For 2019, the ETF will be working with members to help them fully understand the results of the survey and help them to identify potential areas of improvement.  Even if your company hasn’t participated in the survey this time round, there will be ‘best in class’ examples you can use to guide you on your improvement journey.

The ETF can work with you to help you prioritise your improvement areas as well as link you to subject matter experts who have helped facilitate the work of the ETF either by informing the development of guidelines, have tested them or have provided efficiency case studies. We can also help you capture you own efficiency case studies, giving you the opportunity to show case what you are doing differently. If you have an efficiency case study you want to share, please contact the ETF team.

You can find more examples of collaboration on the OGA’s webpage here

Supporting Industry’s Cultural Change Champion

The Efficiency Task Force have also been supporting the work of Industry’s Cultural Change Champion (Steve Phimister, Shell) by encouraging Managing Director participation in ‘Deep Dive’ sessions to share Deloitte survey results and also across wider-industry by encouraging sharing of collaboration case studies.

A selection of these case studies (as well as an update of progress in this area from Steve Phimister and an overview of the role of collaboration in driving Vision 2035 presented by Deirdre Michie), were profiled at a dedicated ETF Collaboration Roadshow, hosted by Aker on 7th December 2018.

Links to the collaboration case studies are detailed below. We do want to keep the learning and dialogue in this area going and are keen to gather more case study examples of collaboration. If you have a collaboration case study you would be willing to share, please contact the ETF team.