TOTAL – Clarity and visibility improve efficiency

Submitted by Total


To date this initiative has resulted in:

  • a 12% improvement in plan achievement and 26% improvement in executed hours on Alwyn North platform
  • a 40% reduction in category A backlog hours
  • a significant improvement in the efficiency of scaffolding erection and dismantling

Description of Best Practice

TOTAL E&P UK Limited (TEPUK) has implemented a simple visual management tool on site that has enabled significant efficiency gains to be made on maintenance activities.  A visual planning board is used by disciplines and supervisors as the focus for scheduling, discussing and preparing activities on a current-day and day-ahead basis.

Individuals are able to manage their time more effectively, with fall-back and next-job or next-day preparation work available if the active task is interrupted.  Teams are split between scheduled activity and breakdown support which allows more efficient utilisation of resources and improves response time to unplanned events.

By locking in ‘field tour’ time on site, supervisors are measured daily on their attendance with the technicians out on the plant.  This valuable interface had disappeared from the supervisor’s schedule due to the increasing demands of email and PC activities.

Finally, a team performance and measurement indicator helps to uncover the root cause of any blockage to planned and scheduled tasks.  Technicians are encouraged to highlight this root cause and collectively these are reviewed to seek continuous improvement initiatives going forward.

Contact: John Catlow, TOTAL E&P UK ltd