Shell – Hand held infra-red scanner for piping and structural replacements

Submitted by Shell


  • Significant increase in speed – replacing previous surveying and engineering process (including hand-offs and waiting periods) with a more integrated and rapid approach.
  • This increase in speed reduces the integrity risk associated with temporary repairs.
  • More efficient use of platform beds (core crew resources)
  • More efficient use of inspection resources by reduced requirement to inspect temporary repairs

Description of Best Practice

We have changed the way we go about surveying and engineering of like-for-lie pipespool and structural replacements. We store an infrared handheld scanner offshore for undertaking surveys and have instructed core crew members in the use of them. Scan data is uploaded and converted to a full fabrication isometric within a few hours of receipt. The isometrics is then passed onto a fabricator for manufacturing.

Contact: Wessel de Haas, Shell